Using Substring in the Change Value Script

Hello. I am trying to take the Substring of test2 and write that value to test3 but only when the value of tag1 changes. I tried in the Change Value tag script using the following:

if previousValue.value != currentValue.value:

	system.tag.writeBlocking("[~]Test2", currentValue.value)
	system.tag.writeBlocking("[~]Test3", substring("[~]Test2", 0, 2))

And ? What happens ?

ps: substring is not a python function

The value does not change. I want to pull the first 2 characters from a string tag and write them to a separate tag.

It makes sense if substring is not valid in script. New to ignition

I was trying to hint that when you need help with something that doesn't work, providing the error is a good thing to do.
I'm willing to bet that if you looked at the logs, you'd see something like NameError: name "substring" is not defined.

I'm not sure if this is the problem, but writeBlocking expects lists. The two arguements should be in [ ... ].

if previousValue.value != currentValue.value:
	system.tag.writeBlocking(["[~]Test2"], [currentValue.value])
	system.tag.writeBlocking(["[~]Test3"], [substring("[~]Test2", 0, 2)])

I think the main issue is with the substring instruction. I am able to write the full value to another tag without issue but I only want the first 2 characters. Thanks for the replies, and yes pascal that is the exact error I am getting.

I think the write and read functions actually do accept single tags now.

Though @John_Marin should really be using

    ["[~]Test2", "[~]Test3"],
    [currentValue.value, X]

About that X in there. I'm guessing you want the first 2 letters of Test2's value. This, if substring worked, would return [~, the first the characters of the string you passed it.
If you need the tag's value, you'll need to read it with system.tag.readBlocking

To get a substring in python, use slices.

s = "foobarbaz"
s[:4] == "foo"
s[4:7] == "bar"
s[7:] == "baz"
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Thank you very much! I will try this out.

It worked! Here is the final code, it takes the first 2 characters of the string to one tag and the remainder to the rest.

if previousValue.value != currentValue.value:
			["[~]Test2", "[~]Test3"],
			[currentValue.value[0:2], currentValue.value[2:]]

Thanks again!

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