Using Superscript in Labels

Hi All,
I am a newb to Ignition and this forum, so please be gentle with me. I’m not sure if this is the correct category to post this question in, but I didn’t see one that was more relevant.
I am trying to create a superscript 3 using the “ALT ASCII code”. I want to display “Cubic Metre” as m³ (where the 3 is superscript. i.e. smaller and at the top of the m).
The ASCII code that work other places is “ALT252” but this brings up an “n” is superscript

The degree symbol works ALT0176 = ° in labels but ALT252 = ³ works in this text box but in Ignition Label in produces superscript n.

Can anybody suggest the correct ALT code that works in the Label text?

Thank you

Try ALT0179, decimal unicode. I can’t test it for you as I’m on Linux – the alt codes are Windows keyboard driver functions.

Thank you for your prompt reply and help.
That code worked a treat. I’ll remember to look up the decimal unicode.
Again thank you

Another option is to use HTML. In the label text, just add some html tags.


Will give you:

Keep in mind that using HTML may mess up other formatting and spacing.