Using system.dataset in external jar

i have a jar that is used in a module.
How can I pass a dataset to a java function, what is the class to use for the variable type.
Need to use the right import. That jar would not be included in my jar as it is available in Ignition.\

So, any idea?

Datasets in Ignition all implement the Dataset interface. Welcome to module development! (-:

Ok, its part of the Dataset interface, great.

How do I implement this into a jar program so it can receive a dataset from Ignition?

Well, you’ll have to write some Java, and set up a module structure to load it. Your java code would have to include methods that took a Dataset as a parameter type. That could be a custom scripting function installed in system.* somewhere, or a custom binding expression function, or a new component with an assignable dataset property. You should look at the SDK examples for ideas and some boilerplate.