Using system.gui.conirm

Good afternoon all,

I am wanting to use the system.gui.confirm on a performed action. I cannot get it to work, says that I am missing attribute gui.

Please help.

def runAction(self, event):
	This event is fired when the 'action' of the component occurs.

		self: A reference to the component that is invoking this function.
		event: An empty event object.
	data = self.getSibling("DateTimePicker").props.formattedValue
	category = "HMI"
	source = "ASCADA Client"
	usr =
	message = str(usr) + " Changed END OF SHIFT to " + str(data)
	data9 = usr 
	if system.gui.confirm("Are you sure you want to shutdown the plant?",
	"Really Shutdown?"):
			"data": data
			#Update Syslog		
			"category": category,
			"source": source,
			"message": message,
			"data9": data9
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system.gui functions are Vision only.

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Is there an alternative or is it easier to just code it?

There’s no direct analogue. You’ll have to move to some kind of asynchronous replacement approach. For instance, open a popup view. Pass a message handler name or payload into the popup.
In the popup, if the user confirms, broadcast a message.
Then in the message handler, invoke your named query (in this case).
There’s no support for a generic “invoke this callback” function approach (yet), unfortunately.

This is an area where we plan to make some improvements, but no timeline.

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