Using 'system.util.execute' to run a program

I have been trying to run a program on my windows xp box using the system.util.execute command.

If i browse to the folder where the executable file is and run in the command line:

*note that there is a flag -f

export.exe -fAta\file\file.txt

Everything works perfect, I am trying to emulate this with a script so I do not have to manually export anything.

Here is what I have been trying:
Path = ‘\Ata\file\file.txt’
flag = ‘-f%s’ % Path
system.util.execute([“C:\sp\tor\export.exe”, flag])

I don’t get any errors but it does not work either. Any Suggestions? Thanks


this forum is always empty, I have had multiple questions and no one helps. Well, I figured it out using pythons subprocess.popen command if anyone is interested

Forum attention ebbs and flows. Posting something Friday evening or over the weekend is a surefire way to make sure your post isn’t on the ‘new posts’ list come Monday morning.

Glad you got it working - not sure why system.util.execute wasn’t doing it… it doesn’t seem to have a useful return value either :unamused: