Using Template Repeater with templates that use UDTs


I’m very new to Ignition and perhaps this is a dumb question…

I have a tank template that has one custom parameter which is a UDT type. I’ve called the parameter TankUDT.

I have a number of instances of this UDT, named for example:
[ul]Tank 9001
Tank 9002
Tank 9003…

These are all within a tag folder: Deep South Tank Farm

I’m trying to use the template repeater to create a grid of tanks based on a dataset. The Index Parameter Name is set to TankUDT. At this stage, the dataset is manually entered for testing and contains a single column “TankUDT”. In the data rows, i’ve tried a number of different texts to try to get this working:
Deep South Tank Farm/Tank 9003
Tank 9003
{Deep South Tank Farm/Tank 9003}

None of these work… How can I do this?

Thanks in advance.


So I created a new template and instantiated the tank template inside of it, then used Indirect Tag Binding to substitute the tank number in the UDT instance name for a custom parameter part of the new template and this new template now works with the template repeater… surely there’s a more efficient way to do this?

Just for completeness, I found what I was doing wrong here.

I had created my TankUDT custom parameter as a Template parameter and not an Internal parameter. Hence I could not use property bindings on the TankUDT parameter.

EDIT: This is generally a bad idea to pass a UDT parameter type. Pass the UDT instance’s tag path instead. This has two benefits:

  • it doesn’t kill your client performance
  • it doesn’t tie your parameter to a single UDT