Using the Alamr Summary Table I need to sound an audible ala

I am using the Alarm Summary Table for my alarms. It works very good. I also sound an alert on the individual Windows when an alarm is active. I need to sound tha alarm on the Alarm Summary Table once an alarm is active not on the individual Windows. In the individual windows I query the “state” of the alarm and based on that, I play the sound player. Works great, just want to have it on the Alarm Summary Window. any ideas?

Sure you can bind the trigger of the sound player to an expression like this:runScript( "system.alert.queryAlertStatus(activeAndUnacked=1, minSeverity=2).rowCount", 1000 )That will query the alert status table (internally) for any active and unacknowledged alarms with severity of medium or higher. It runs this every 1 second and gets the number of alarms that meet that critera. You can add more config in the system.alert.queryAlertStatus function. Check out this page in the user manual:

Thank you Travis, but this is OK if the sound will stay ON until the user acknowledge the alarm, but the application requires the alarm to go OFF when the alarm displays for the first time. Only one time (unique) alarm for each entry. Is there any other property I can check?

And if you only want to play the sound when the alarm summary is showing (I’m assuming you’re basing this off the skeleton project with the alarm summary “subwindow”, you can rebind the actions of the check button to point to a client tag and the visibility actions to look at that value instead. Check that memory tag instead in Travis’s script.

runScript( "system.alert.queryAlertStatus(activeAndUnacked=1, minSeverity=2).rowCount and system.tag.getTagValue([Client]\PathToTag)", 1000 )

Is it possible to set the alarms to autoacknowledge in the alarm settings for your usage scenario?

I have to allow the alarm to stay ON until the user acknowledge (sometimes days) but I can only sound the alarm once for the current tag/alert.

Well, the alert summary table does have a dataset property for the alarms shown in the table. Maybe you can use that to trigger the sound. The only rising edge indication we have is the meta property on each tag called AlertActive. When you try to use a single sound player for multiple tags it can be hard since there is only a single trigger.