Using the Gateway Command-line Utility to transfer license between environments

We want to develop some .bat script to help us transfer a licence from one machine to another and back and forth in an automated way. For continuous deployment and Q/A.

How feasible is this? Are there any others that have a similar set-up? Thoughts?


It seems to support only offline activation/unactivation, so I’m skeptical.

So at the end of the day, a user would have to submit a text file to inductive right? and wait for a response? I am much more in favor of switching from “dev” to “prod” back and forth. With logic to switch from simulator setup to actual device

Why would you ever unactivate your production setup? If you need more than two hours (at a time) on your dev setup, why wouldn’t you get a time-limited (1 week, 30 days, whatever) license?

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Oh, I wasn’t aware of that option. Thank you!

There is talk about licensing the dev server. But, this is for a Q/A & Stakeholder stagging environment. My reaction was similar to yours. For major releases of our product.

IA’s pretty good about helping specific deployments with temporary help. I imagine there would be a cutoff if the privilege was abused.

For a CI system, two hours on a freshly spun-up docker instance ought to be enough.

I agree. Thanks!