Using the ignition login but also allowing users to make their accounts

I am using the template login that ignition provides, but I also want to let the user create their own accounts instead of having to create them in the gateway.
Currently I am writing into the auto users db table with the users account details and I am assigning their User IDs with user roles in the auto user role table, after doing this i am not able to login with those details.
The only accounts that login are the ones made with the gateway. Is there any reason why this is not working? would it have something to do with the passwords provided by the user not being encrypted in the same way they are in the gateway? If i cannot to what i want this way is there any other way?

You can create the users manually using a DB query, but you’ll have to use the right hashing/salting algorithm. An easier route (that also allows you easier migration options down the road) would be to create the users via our scripting function:

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Thanks a lot, I got it working there now.