Using the Report module but Trigger Based

So I have this report set up and I was tinkering around with the schedule tab and seeing there is a lot of time options for when to save this report

But is there anyway to make reports record or send only when the machine is actually running? Atm it just records the value changes for the whole day , and this particular machine runs at a random time everyday so there is a lot of useless information recorded that clutters the report up

I was trying to look to see if there is anyway to make the report record only if a tag is true first, then I would just make that machine send that when the start button on the machine is pressed and then turn it off when the done button is pressed

what would be the best way to go about that on the report module specifically?

Sounds like you need to send params to your report such as start and end dates to filter the data you’re reporting back. You can trigger a report to run via script for example in a gateway timer script