Using Translate and locale in custom modules

I was wondering if there is a way to use the ingition translations inside a custom module.

I’d also like to know how to get the locale, for now i use a param, but then i would have to bind it with the session param every time and that is a bit bothersome xd

Thank you!

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The easiest way to use translations in a frontend Perspective component is to wrap whatever text you want to display in an <I18n> component. If you can’t do that, or need access to the translated string for some reason, you can use the static i18n function - both the component and the function are in @inductiveautomation/perspective-client.


Thanks, thats what i needed

Alright so the i18n function is all working great. But i also need access to the locale, (to display what locale is being used).
I could do it with a binding, but is there a way to access session props from js?

ahah! found it'locale')

If you’re within the context of a component, you should be able to walk up from the ComponentProps your component is provided, e.g:

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yeah i had just found something similar with'locale')