Using Tree View to display SQL Tags for use in Easy Chart

I would like to use the tree view to display certain SQL tags that I have created which could then be selected and used by the Easy Chart? Kind of like how the Tag Search Window works. Suggestions?

Ask and you shall receive. I have attached a small example of how to do this. You need Ignition 7.4.2 to import it.

Demo_Easy Chart Example_2012-05-03_0843.proj (19.5 KB)

This works great! I do have one question. How was the dataset for the Tree View created?

Do we have access to the SQL commands that the Tag Search window uses? I’d like to use this function to build the tree
view dataset.

I just statically defined the dataset. You can bind it to a SQL query if you want.

I’ll work on that.

Thanks for all your help.

Is it possible to get the new link for this file.

The file from 7.4 probably isn’t going to do you much good. The technique covered there has been supplanted by the “Tag Browse Tree” component, which supports dragging and dropping directly to the easy chart:

Paul is correct. We have a new template that uses the Tag Browse Tree in our Cloud Templates repository. You can access the Cloud Templates in the designer under tools menu. The template is called “AdHoc Trend”.