Using view's from other perspective sessions on local gateway

Good afternoon all,

I'm surely overlooking somethings! I am wanting to test using views (widgets in my case) from different perspective sessions. I have two projects, both have dashboards, want to share widgets between the projects. I have an flex container w/ embedded view. I am trying to point the path in the embedded view to a different session using system.perspective.navigate with no luck.

Any suggestions appreciated!

If I understand you correctly, you can solve this with inheritance. Create a separate project for resources that you want to be shared between other projects by setting it as inheritable. Then make your projects, that should have access to those shared resources, inherit the parent project. Now you can utilize those resources from any project that inherits it.

Project Inheritance - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation (

I got back on here to update and saw this! I was able to do just what you said and now have another issue to solve. The project that I wanted to share the views from is an active perspective client. Once I tested the inheritance out I went back to launch the inheritable project and discovered that wont work! I am in a lab setting so not a big deal. I am thinking of a different path, maybe the inline frame?

Thanks for the quick feedback!

No, just create a separate shared resource project that you can dedicate as inheritable and make it the parent for all projects that need it. Think of your resources in a hierarchy structure.

There is no avenue for sharing displayed content in one session with another session.

To share Views between two different projects, you must use inheritance.

Thank you guys for the quick help!