Using web based json to update HMI


I just started with Maker Edition and I am trying to understand something probably easy.

I would like to submit one API request to OpenWeather (my_weather =, store the returned json (somewhere), then update my HMI (gauges, labels, etc).

I believe I am missing where the main script should live (root?), where the returned json data goes (Tag Browser?), and how to update labels or gauges with json data.

Definitely Ignition 101, but if someone could explain or provide a link to an example, that would be great (Configure Binding?).

Thank you.

hi @Paul_Gyore,

i've made this ressource on the exchange.

the script is running at the tag browser level and is refreshing at a given rate.
If you need any help let me know


Thank you for information and resource.


By the way is you need weather data for only one location i suggest that you use the first release of my ressource. the second one support multi location and is more difficult to implement.


Thank you, sir. I do not have client project - I am only using weather APIs as an input in order to learn Ignition. But it is good to know there are options.

Thanks again.