Using .xlsx data in a chart

A excel file is created once a day. I would like to use this data in a chart.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this ?


I’m not sure if there is really a straight forward way to do what you want if the file is an actual excel (.xls) file. If the file is in a csv format then you could use the system.file.readFileAsString and system.dataset.fromCSV to get the data from the file into a dataset and then use that dataset in a chart as long as it is formatted in the appropriate manner. Something like this would get the csv data into a dataset that you could use.

csv_data = system.file.readFileAsString(path)
data = system.dataset.fromCSV(csv_data)

Remember that the standard chart component expects its dataset to be formatted in a specific manner as per the user manual. If the data you are bringing in doesn’t fit nicely into this format you are going to have to poke and prod at the dataset until you get it into the appropriate format. Hope this helps.