[v. 7.9] OPC Tag's .AlertActive and .AlertAcknowledged bits staying on

Good afternoon.

I’m having an issue with some of my alarm tag’s .AlertActive and .AlertAcknowledged bits staying on when the value, itself, changes to where the alarm should no longer be active. I’m not sure what could be causing this, but some possible relevant information:

  • I’m NOT using the [default] tag provider

  • According to the AUDIT_EVENTS sql table, the Cleared pipeline is not being called (or at least, not sending SMS messages)

  • Making any changes to the UDT Instance and hitting “OK” or “Apply” seems to clear the .AlertActive and .AlertAcknowledged, but is no where near a permanent fix.

I feel like I’m overlooking something small, but if you need any more information I’d be happy to provide it.