V7.2.2 SQL tags and alarm settings lost

We recently upgraded a customer’s version to 7.2.1, then to 7.2.2. After the upgrade to 721, if the computer that Ignition is running on is rebooted, two things happen: 1) on all tags that are set for alarming, the area where we fill in the Alert Name, under the digital settings section is erased (what we had in there is erased, not the box itself), and in the same section where you set the value to either 0/false or 1/true, is always set back to 0/false. Issue 2) when we export the tags from that PC, then try to open the csv file, it instead opens it as unicode.

I think there may be a problem with the install in that particular PC because we upgraded two other PC’s too, and they don’t have the same issue. Infact, we exported the tag group from a PC with a good install of 722, imported them into the proj on the questionable PC, and everything looks good…until the computer is rebooted. If it stays running there’s no problems, but it seems that if the gateway is shut-down, that is when the problems occur. When we upgraded [all of the PC’s] we didn’t first uninstall the previous version of Ignition, we installed on top of the existing version. Could that have a negative impact? We are going to trying a fresh install today and will let you know the outcome.



Yes, we just found out about this yesterday. Just to confirm that it’s the same problem: were the affected tags created by copy/paste or CSV import?

With those methods, the alert settings were being applied in memory but not stored correctly. The problem has been fixed and will be in the next 7.2.3 dev release.



Yes, those tags were created using CSV import/export. When will 723 be out? If not for a while, is there a fix I can do to keep the tags in place until then? And, how come the other computers that are running the same project, with the same tags, are not affected? Thanks for your help ahead of time. :smiley:


There’s a build of 7.2.3 that’s up in the “development” section of downloads that fixes the problem.

What version were the other systems? This problem was introduced in 7.2, as we re-wrote the way internal tags are stored to be much faster. Editing alerts on existing tags was fine, but storing new tags with alerts on them (as would happen with copy/paste or csv) wouldn’t properly store the alert settings.

The misleading part was that even though the settings weren’t stored, the executable tag would be created correctly off the imported data, so it would look and operate correctly- until reboot.

If possible, give the 7.2.3 build a shot and let me know how it goes.