V7.6 Alarm Journal Alarm Row Styles

Hi Guys,

Playing around with the new alarm Journal.

I cant seem to find very much in the manual on the topic but was after some more info or examples on what can be used in the Alarm Row Style Expressions?



Oops - there should be a little helper button next to that script area. You can access the properties of the alarm event from there. You can find the helper button and see these properties if you make an expression block in a pipeline.

Anything specific you’re looking to do?

I was looking to create row styles based on information within an alert…

Such as {source}= Like ‘%Devices%’ as the expression??

I used to do this in the old system by creating an query to make an index column which I then used the table colour mapping…


Sure, you can do that. just get rid of that equals sign you had:

{source} like '%Devices%'

Thanks Carl,

Yeh I had tried that and it didn’t work…

But… What I didn’t realise is that you have to have the over-riding style at the top of the list instead of the bottom.

So I moved this expression to the top of the list and it worked without issue…


Yes, it is an ordered list. Whichever style matches first, going down the list in order, will be applied.