V7.9 to V8 conversion

Hi everyone,
I have a handful of systems that have been transitioned from V7.9 to V8, and the graphics, font, background colors, and scaling just looks very different and almost everything is scaled wrong. Needless to say I pretty much have to re design every screen to look even somewhat similar to the old system.

However I performed an upgrade on another system using the same method and the results turned out pretty well with only a couple minor quirks.

Is there something I am missing or just poor original design constraints that arnt carrying over well on these projects. I just assumed that the upgrade wouldn’t impact the visual components at all.


It’s probably a combination of original design (spacing/padding/layouts etc…) and perhaps differences in how scaling behaves between Java versions, depending on if the monitors running the client are considered high DPI or not, or if Windows display scaling is set to something other than 100%, plus the definite change in the “Look and Feel” that was required.

If you can provide some screenshots that show the difference we might better be able to answer.

See also 7.9 to 8.1 Upgrade Guide - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation and @nminchin 's Undocumented changes when migrating from v7 to v8

Thanks, I will get some screen shots of the more intense differences tomorrow.