V7 Global Resource Change Log


I’m looking to see what global resources have been edited in a log, similar to the project details log in the gateway webpage example below:

Is something like this available for the global resources?

I’m guessing this isn’t captured anywhere?

No, it’s not, though the new auditing stuff may capture similar information. @PGriffith?

All project changes are audited in 8.0, as of 8.0.5 or .6, yeah. For 7.9, I imagine you technically could enable auditing on the global project, but as there’s no way to open the UI for editing I’m not sure how you actually would.

Oops, I misread / misunderstood this post as being about getting similar information in Ignition 8.

Do you know how to manually get to the internal database in the UI? I imagine you could select * from project_changes where projectid=-1; I have to assume that we’re using the same mechanism to store all project changes and not specifically discarding the global project, although that may be a poor assumption.

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Awesome, this works :slight_smile: Cheers!

I’m guessing I can use SELECT * FROM SQLTAG ORDER BY SQLTag_ID DESC for the tags, albeit it’s not as convenient without the date added field.