V7.x and V8.x Service Name conflict

Just a head’s-up.

Inductive changed the service name from “Ignition Gateway” in v7 to “Ignition” in v8. Unfortunately this conflicts with Dell Secure Red Cloak’s hidden service name “Ignition”. So if, as in our case, Red Cloak was deployed on a site with Ignition v8 already installed, it effectively kills Ignition and it has to be reinstalled with a new service name.

Perhaps a new, more “unique” default service name would be appropriate?

EDIT: I was wrong… v7 service name is not Ignition Gateway.… that’s the displayed service name. Opening the properties shows that the actual service name is still Ignition. I noticed this when my 7.9.12 local would not start. V8 detects a service with the same name and gives you the opportunity to change it on install. However, v7 does not seem to care if there is an existing service with the same name and just installs… is there a way to install v7 with a different service name like in v8? This is going to be a big deal if I have to edit one of our v7 projects.

EDIT2: A ticket has been submitted: #136723

EDIT3: A response was received from Inductive Support.

You can change the service name of Ignition installs before version 8 by modifying the $install_directory/data/ignition.conf file on the line that says, “wrapper.name=Ignition”.

This will unfortunately break the GCU, but that is the only option you have using 7.9 and below if the Dell software is to be used.

As you were,


In Windows?

In Linux, the service name was “ignition” for a long time, then changed to “Ignition Gateway” in v8.0. SystemD and friends don’t really like spaces or upper case, so it was later changed back. This might be a result of fixing the Linux side. The Linux service name doesn’t have to match the Windows service name.

I just had this problem a couple of weeks ago. I was running 7.9.16 and the service name by default was Ignition. V8 gives you the option to change the service name, but still inconvenient. I was able to change the v7.9 service name in the Ignition config file, but now the gateway utility start and stop buttons do not work anymore. I have to use the start and stop batch files in order to use that functionality. The GCU has the ignition service name hardcoded in it I believe.

Windows server 2019

Yes, Windows 10 64b

We changed all of our service names to Ignition Gateway due to the installation of the Red Cloak software. Now I am trying to update a gateway from 8.0.13 to 8.1.15 and I get an error that the service name Ignition Gateway is already in use. Of course it is. YOU are using it.
Do we need to change it again?