V8.0.5 LogixDriver v32.016 ReconnectWait

A new compactlogix v32.016 device status in Ignition only shows as reconnect wait.
From server that ignition is running on we can ping and show status page via webbrowser.
Ignition Logs don't appear to show anything related to logixdriver.

Does anyone have idea with how to proceed on determining what issue is?

Someday we may like to update ignition version but today isn't that day.

Have you tried disabling and re-enabling the device in Ignition? Do you get any log entries then?

Have you tried running a wireshark capture (with capture filter for the target IP) while re-enabling the Ignition device? Share the pcap here if so.

There's no actual traffic in that capture, just TCP/IP overhead.

Are you running Wireshark on the gateway? (Required.)

Follow this procedure:

  • Disable the device connection.
  • Start wireshark, using a capture filter of "tcp and host w.x.y.z", where w.x.y.z is the IP address of the PLC.
  • Enable the device connection.
  • Keep collecting packets for a couple minutes.
  • Disable the device connection.
  • Save and post the PCAP file.

Make sure when you create the connection you're only changing the name of the device and the IP address (Hostname) and leave the rest at defaults. (Although I usually bump up the CIP Connection Size under advanced options to 4000 also.)

The only other item you may possibly need to change would be the local address, but this rare.