V8.1.17 logging change

We upgraded to 8.1.17 recently and I just noticed that logging no longer includes email, Twilio, and voice. For example on our v7.9 installation I have .twilio.alarming.TwilioAckManager set to debug to verify alarm acknowledgement is working.

Were these completely removed, or is there a different setting I have not seen to enable logging for notifications such as Twilio or email?

com.digitalpetri.ignition.twilio.alarming.TwilioAckManager should be the logger path now.

I should be more specific, this logger just does not exist for me. For example if I go into Settings on the Logs page, I usually just type “Twilio” to filter, and change the levels. However going into Settings results in 0 if I filter for Twilio, or email, or voice.

Do you have the Twilio module installed? Has it been used / an ack received yet?

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Happy and confused to report it is working now, I guess it took time to propagate settings or whatever after module install. On a testbed the log settings could be found after module was installed on a much earlier version. This time however after about 20 minutes I looked and the loggers were now available. False alarm I guess.