V8.1.2 Perspective View Table: Tag History, TimeStamp display format

In Perspective, I binding a tag history to “table.props.data”, and the table shows 4 columns path, value, quality, timestamp, but timestamp is showing a big integer not the format of datetime as shown in the dataset (Edit Dataset right to “table.props.data” binding.

In the Vision and I created a table but it shows the timestamp in DateTime format!

Any help to format the table columns in the Perspective?


The timestamp is probably showing Unix epoch time. From memory you can tell the table that the column is a datetime field.

It is Unix epoch time, but I cannot set it to DateTime format. I added column array elements in the property editor of the table, tried changing the settings, seems ‘render’ has the date settings but not work.

make sure field is set. You can tell when column is mapped cause the sorting icons up and down appear next to header name.


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Ok, I got it. I didn’t set the field.

Thank you wking!