V8.1 Federated Settings - Not Working

The new IdP settings on Ignition 8.1, Session Expiration and Session Inactivity Timeout is not working.

I have tried setting Session Expiration to 0 and Session Inactivity Timeout to 1 and vice versa of my test project IdP to test if it’s working and after a minute of inactivity, my session is still not expired.

This is the test project just to see the time.

Is there anything else that i need to set before these settings work? Any info/help would be greatly appreciated.

Those settings are for the session at the IdP, which is different than a Perspective session (which is what your screen shot appears to be). Just to be clear: once the IdP session times out, that means that you will have to re-authenticate yourself the next time you try to log into the IdP from a Perspective session. It does not control the Perspective session’s timeout - you will have to go to your Project Properties in the designer to control that session timeout.