V8.1 perspective symbol (Feature-384)

Just finish the viewing of the icc keynote and was pretty excite about the perspective symbol feautre.
But is there a way to change the color state of it ?



The symbols respect theme files, so you can supply changes within your theme files to apply to all symbols. If you only want to modify a single symbol (or provide a Style class to apply to multiple symbols), then you should look into using the stroke and fill properties. Note that using Style classes or inline properties will override settings within the theme file, so you’ll lose the ability to clearly see the difference between running/faulted/stopped/default.

Ok that explain a lot of the working behind those symbols.
But i think it’s still work to do to be fully functional and usable by an end user.
A better way to define some extra state (Hand/interlocked) and change the color or animation of it would be nice.
But still a create debut



You could do that pretty easily just by leaving the Symbol state as “default”, then creating a Style Class with the desired appearance. Then, instead of changing the state of the symbol, you would just bind the props.style.class to whatever Style Class you want applied for your custom state.

The only problem with that is it changes the color of the entire component and not just the valve.


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are you sure you are using the fill property and not the background ?
See below


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AWESOME. Thank you very much

Hi! I’m pleased to inform you that we have a feature in the backlog to allow users to define their own states through the Designer UI. When that feature is implemented you’ll be able to define custom states with the following properties. Feel free to use the fill/stroke style props until then. It will work with Symbols in the “default” state

  1. Primary Fill Color
  2. Alternate Fill Color
  3. Stroke Color
  4. Animated (yes/no)

Good to know, it could be game changing for the perspective symbol.

hi @mperkins,

Do you have any update on this feature ?


I’m sorry I don’t. I know it can be frustrating when features sit in our backlog. We’ve been focusing on UI polish and performance, with a few features in the near term (Perspective Piping is close). Unfortunately this feature is not in active development, and I don’t have an ETA when it will be.

I have just downloded last version (8.1.12), the perspective symbol property doesn’t work. I tried to change props.style.fill but the fill in color didn’t change (i attached jpg file). It is the same with Motor or Pump symbol

Hi @Sara,

you cannot change the fill color if the state property is not on default.
All other value on state property will use the color scheme set in the css file on board of ignition gateway.

So I cannot have the animation (while running) and also the fill in color?

Ive had to answer this somewhere else a while ago,
Its a bit more complicated … idk if there is an easier way by now
Check here:

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