Vakue of a Tag

Hi guys,
. I haven’t being able to figure out how to set up my system to send me the actual (current) value of a tag. For example, I currently have my system set up so that I can receive an email every time the value of a “selected tag” is >, =, < a value of my choice, but I would like to receive an email every morning at 0700 and at 1800 with the actual value of the tag.
Fir example, I want to know what the accumulated (acc) value of a Count Up (ctu) was at 0700 and at 1800. Keep in mind that I already have my clock (GSV) running in my plc and the value of the tag is already there, all I need is too transfer that value in an email.

I would probably do something like this is a gateway timer or tag change script, but the easiest way would probably be to create an expression tag that pulls the current hour out of the current time. from there you would create an alert on that expression tag for each hour that you want the email to be sent. then you can make a custom message for the alert and use the tag function to bring in the tag values that you want to have shown in the email. also, make sure that send clear isnt selected. Then put the tag in your alert expression group like you did your other tags. This is for pre 7.6, if you are using 7.6 everything would be the same except you would have to use the pipelines to setup the email instead of the expression group.

Thanks. I will try it today.