Value at specific time for analog tag

Hi everyone,

I’ve got tag history set up on several tags set up with the ‘analog’ deadband type.
For reporting I want get the value of the tag at the end of each hour (the tag is totaliser value).

When I use the ‘closest value’ option it returns the last recorded value but due to the deadband this can be from a long time ago. This is often quite different to interpolated value at that time.

Example - In the trend database around 7:00 there are five points logged:
5:42:47 AM - 118
6:03:06 AM - 203
6:18:18 AM - 272
6:36:03 AM - 344
7:07:22 AM - 482
The value for 7:00 AM should be about 450 (this is what is shown on a trend), but I can’t see how to get that value out of the Historian. Is there an extra setting I’ve missed? It seems like this would be a common need for reporting.