Value change scripts stopped working

Hi, I have some tags with change value scripts that work perfectly, but for no reason someone just stopped working with no error… justo doesn’t do the script… the only solution I found to this is enter the script and disable this one, then apply, and enter again and enable the script and apply the changes… and it start working again… I found similar errors in post but with no solution I imagine is a bug or something… my question here is… there is a way that I can maybe in a button or another tag disable a vale change script from another tag and the enable it again?

Just like an “abort” or “reset” button if some script just stop working i press the button and disable all of them and enable them again…

Are these tag changes on the tag values themselves? If so - that always seems kind of iffy. Putting your tag changes into the gateway events “Tag Changes” section is a much more reliable way of catching tag changes. I don’t recall the techinical reasons why this is the case, but it is the case. Try putting your value changes there and see if you still have issues catching the change.

Alternatively something else I’ve noticed is sometimes it can be affected by the scan class. If you’re only reading the tag once every 1,000 milliseconds, and your tag changes and then changes back in less than that, you won’t catch it.

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Hello again, and thanks for answering… I already do it… I change all my scripts to the gateway and it looks good… but I will test it in production to see if it works and I will let you know…

once again Thank you!!