Value Changed script doesn't execute


I have a tag event script. I have the tag set to change every 30 sec if(dateExtract(Now(1000),"second")<30,1,0)

that part is working and tag is changing value
I have tag change script below.
If I copy either section to script console and execute it runs and does what it is supposed to do but it never executes from the tag value change.

What project is the named query defined in? What is the Gateway Scripting Project set to?

ahh i see that now. need to add project name to namedquery reference

system.db.runNamedQuery("ProjectName", "folderName/myNamedQuery")

Ps it's far more efficient to read all of those tags in one call:

a, b, c = [qval.value for qval in system.tag.readBlocking([taga, tagb, tagc])] 


Does that work better for the tag.write as well?