Value (Float) Wrongly truncating a decimal

I have a dropdown with a custom float property that uses a query to find the selected person’s rate.

This particular person’s rate is 196.02. This shows up correctly for the dropdown custom property as 196.0200004272 which I know is just from the nature of floats. This is referenced by another custom property on a numeric text field, which does some logic to determine if it should use that rate or not, but if it does just references it directly (ie no multiplcation or any other math operations are done on it). Both properties are floats. The second custom proprety though, after determining it should use that rate, displays it as 196.0. So then the numeric text field shows it as 196.00 since the decimal format is $#,##0.00. But where did the .02 go? I can’t tell what happened.

Logic of the second property is -

if({Root Container.mode_new},
{Root Container.Container_SalesInfo.dd_engineer.EngineerRate},
//else condition here

So this {Root Container.Container_SalesInfo.dd_engineer.EngineerRate} does show as 196.02, but after the if statement, the second property only sees it as 196.0. Does it think the .02 is a float round error? Is there a way to resolve this?

Using Ignition 7.9.1.

I am also having an issue where my value is .02 off of what it needs to be. Not exactly the same issue

I have a click PLC communicating through Modbus to Ignition and it is .02 less than whatever value I set the PLC(as long as it is not an integer). Any Ideas?