Value Labels- Bar Chart

Hi All,

Need some help,

In bar chart, How can I display the actual values on top of the Bars ?

Thanks in Advance!


Try this:

In the property editor for the chart, display ALL attributes and then set the LABELS to TRUE.

Thanks Adam!

I tried that didn’t work the first time.
I had to make Bar Label offset property -ve for them to show up,but they don’t align on top of the pillars automatically.They stay where ever I offset for,they work in horizontal position though.

Any thoughts?


Can you include some screen shots of this behavior? I would like to see your label offset settings, as well as the bar graph when it is not working properly.

I have never had a problem getting the labels over the bars to show up. So I am curious what settings were in use when they did not show up properly, and what you did to correct that. With that information I should be able to reproduce this behavior, then a bug report can be generated and this behavior can be corrected.