Value scaling from PLC


I have a PLC from B&R Automation, which have an HMI installed near it. I’m trying to read a value (temperature_ from a register based on a list which I got from the guy who programmed the PLC.

The values that is read is not matching the value that is in local HMI. I tried different designators but nothing came close to that value. Is a problem of scaling this value?

Does anyone have an ideea in this case?
Thank you!!

REAL is a floating point. Did you try IRF?

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Hi. I tried IRF also, and I got this value:

I’m expecting something near STC 42 value below:


This register is for STC42.

Looks like a byte order problem. Try different values for byte/word swapping and/or zero-based addressing (in the device settings, not the prefix).

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Where I can do these settings? Ignition or the PLC?


In Ignition. In the device settings in the gateway.

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I had to uncheck this box.

Now it works.

Thanks for help!!