valueChanged script not running in Embedded View


I’m having issues with passing messages up from Embedded Views.

I’ve built a little standard Sites dropdown box in a project called CORE, to select which site to look at. I’ve put an onchange script on the value prop, so that it gets called when someone changes the site selection (with the idea that I could pass a message up to the Page level saying the site has changed). This works fine when I’m directly running the view in the designer (just logging with - logger.warn("Sending Message from site select" + str(currentValue)) ).

I then have another project which inherits the CORE, and I include the site dropdown as an embedded view. Now, when I select a site from the dropdown, nothing happens at all - it seems the onchange is no longer getting called at all.

Am I doing something wrong here? Is there another way to pass messages up from inherited embedded components that I’m missing?


I just set this up myself (albeit using system.perspective.print instead) and it is working as expected. Could you supply the full contents of the script you’re using? I also tried with logging to the Gateway and that worked as well.

Ok, just figured it out - no idea why, but unchecking “Allow Overrides” at the View level on the CORE view seemed to fix the problem - it is now calling that change function correctly. Weird, as I wasn’t overriding it anywhere, so wouldn’t have thought that option should change anything.

Anyway - thanks for your help :slight_smile: