Values pulled at certain times of day

Need values recorded at certain times of the day. Once recorded I would like output to a table for recall. Any simple way to accomplish?

Do you already have a table that’s connected to a database? If the table is already connected, just turn on polling and it will automatically update every X seconds, and once that new value is recorded it will appear after the next database poll.

I’m not sure on your exact situation, more info usually means better help. Anyways, you can use a transaction group to record at certain times of the day by creating an expression item in the run-always expression items section. Set the expression up like this

if(dateFormat(now(0), "E") = "Mon" && dateFormat(now(0), "HH:mm") = "15:30", 1,0)

Then have the transaction group trigger on this expression item when it equals 1. The table would just have a database query binding to the table that the transaction group logs to. This expression triggers Monday at 3:30pm.