Variable Length Block Group

I have a block group with a maximum range of 0 to 900.

We are measuring pallets and I want to log the entire pallet after measuring. There will be a variable number of pieces in a pallet, but never more than 900. I am wanting to log only the required number of pieces from the PLC. If there are only 600 pieces, I would like to log 0 to 600 instead of the full 900.

I think this could be done by allowing an integer OPC “Accessory Item” to be used to specify the length for the block data item.


Yeah, I like this idea. You can refer to items in the WHERE clause, so it seems like it would make sense to have an option which could refer to an item for the number of rows to write.

Slightly similar, one feature we get asked for a lot is to have the block group only insert rows that have data which has changed. As long as it has the row id (or one of the columns is an identifier) it should be no problem to make sense of the data.

This should make it in to the next major release (towards the end of the year…)