Variable Min and Max date in Chart Component

Hi all,

I’m trying to programmatically change the Min and Max Date variables of my X-Axis in a Chart. (based on a user date selection) The property panel says that they have a property scripting name of “minimumDate” and “maximumDate” but I don’t know how to change them via a script.

Any help/examples would be greatly appreciated.


Easiest way is to put a DateRange control on the window and then tie the MinDate and MaxDate properties to the .StartDate and .EndDate of the DateRange control.

You can also do this with 2 calendar controls as well.

Yeah I tried to do that but I can’t figure out how to bind the date range properties because the Chart’s MinDate and MaxDate aren’t exposed in the properties window.

How do you have the chart bound to data? With a Query? Tag History? To a Table?
How you have it bound will determine how to set the date range.

Thank you, I have it bound to tag history and I can see where to bind the date properties now. I was expecting it to be in the properties window but I was just looking in the wrong place turns out.

Thank you for your help MMaynardUSG