Vector Graphics tips and tricks for Ignition 7.3

The inclusion of vector graphics in Ignition 7.3 is putting some of us control systems guys into unfamiliar territory with graphics tools; until last week, Microsoft Paint was as sophisticated as I got.

So now I’m using Paint.NET and Inkscape for raster and vector editing, respectively, and I am beginning to gain a lot of respect for Adobe Illustrator users.

What I’ve been doing is editing PNG files in Paint.NET and converting them using the Bitmap Trace feature in Inkscape.

My contribution of the day is that all of my drag-and-drop imports of converted files failed because the *.PNG bitmap was still embedded in the SVG file.

What I had not realized is that when you perform a Bitmap Trace in Inkscape, the SVG object is placed directly over the PNG object. You have to drag the SVG away, delete the PNG bitmap, then put the SVG object back in place. Then you can drag-and drop the SVG file into Ignition Designer.

Now I have a neat little cartoon of my machine elements that scales perfectly with the window and animates nicely inside Ignition.


Thanks for the tip, I think others will find this pretty useful.

Awesome tip, I just used this to turn some production equipment pictures into SVG drawings and it works great. Good find!

did you mean Paint. net software