Verify User Source against Active directory hangs

I created a AD authentication profile and when I try to test it with “verify user source”, it gateway portal hangs. I also don’t see any logs wrapper.log file. the last message in the log file is given below.

Could not read license from HASP key. HASP login() failed. Last error = 14.

Attached here is the screenshot of the gateway configuration.

Can you open another tab and go to the threads page to get a thread dump while this page is hanging?

Well, I got success after a long wait. Is there any settings that I need to turn on to make it respond fast?


Here is the thread dump.

Ignition-mapsxstpwn00001_thread_dump20190219-124828.txt (109.3 KB)

If you test a second time right after, is it faster?

How many users are in your AD? Do you have ignition set to import all users?

It would be about 2000 users. No I do set Ignition to import all users.

The second time was faster than the first one. But subsequent tries are getting worse…

It is working for AD hybrid sources.

Hi Sudipta,

Are you still seeing this issue?

You may need to reach out to support if you haven’t already.