Version 7.6 Manage Users schedule select bug

I think I mentioned this in the beta discussion, but maybe I was dreaming.

I am using a Database type User Source. When I go to Manage Users and add a new user, the schedule selection of ‘Always’ is already selected in the drop-down box, which is what I want, so I do nothing with that drop-down. When I add the user, it shows up in the list with no schedule selected. If I edit the user, the drop-down then shows ‘Choose One’. If I then choose ‘Always’, it changes the schedule to ‘Always’ just fine.

Not a huge bug, but a bug nonetheless.

Wow, deja vu. Yeah, you did report this, and it was fixed. I think it used to happen on any user source, now it seems limited to the database user source. We’ll get it fixed.

Also, the language selection has a problem. It shows English US as already selected when you create a new user, but the database table shows it as NULL when you query it. And you have to select another language, save the user, then select English US and save again before the database table shows the change.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll add a ticket to our system for this bug.