Version 7.6

When is this expected to be released?
Thank you for any information.

March, perhaps? :smiley: The focus is on alarming.

any teasers?

alarm escalation?
resending until acknowledged?
how about voice callout?

Haha, yes, all of that, and more.

We’re trying really hard to get a beta put together. As also, the schedule has slipped a bit, but so far the demos we’ve been doing for people coming through the office have been very well received.

I’m afraid that anything more I say would only make people less patient for the beta, so I’ll have to refrain :laughing:

Are the advanced alarming capabilities going to be an extra cost option?

Partially. I’m a little hesitant to say much, since we’re still a bit away from the release, but in short, functionality that’s more or less equivalent to what’s available (with a variety of benefits like the new alarm configuration options) will not cost anything, some cool new stuff (like alarm notification management) will cost, but will be covered by total care upgrade protection, and then the more advanced notification methods like voice will be an add-on module.

The previous notification methods (email, distribution groups) are deprecated, but will continue to work in this release as before.



How are you approaching the voice dial-out? I assume it will require a Telephony Card in the gateway pc. But will this put a limit on our OS options for the Gateway? The only reason I ask is, the software voice dailout option has been a pain many of the vendors, enough so that Wonderware (the 800 lb gorilla) abandoned their ScadaAlarm and started reselling Win911.

Overall though I am excited to see the new alarm system in action.

I am certainly excited about the voice dialout. To say that integrating win911 and ignition together is a pain in the butt is an understatement. I do love the win911 model though.

I just hope that once the voice dialout is active you can make edits and changes from a client.

If you guys need a test dummy please let me know.


As with most things on this subject, I don’t want to say much, because there are a lot of things still being adjusted. In short though, no, you won’t need a card. We expect it to work on all of the main platforms that Ignition is used on.

diat150, I’ll keep you in mind for the beta. When you say “make changes”, do you mean to call rosters/scheduling, or to the messages being delivered?


everything. With win911, you have to go into a separate configuration tool, make any additions/changes to the system, save, then stop and start the win911 service to get the new changes to load.

Id like to be able to do everything from a client. add new contacts, new call groups, arrange callout order, change messages, new tags to monitor, etc… writing scripts to do it and building screens is no problem. just please give us access to everything so we can do it.

One of our systems has nearly 2000 devices on it. right now we take care of adding all of the stuff to win911 because it is terribly complicated for a normal end user to do, plus they wouldnt have access to the server to do it anyway. if we had access to add/manipulate the data from a client we could save a ton of time and give the customer the responsibility of maintaining that part of the system, which they would like anyway. being able to do this from a client would separate ignition from the rest of the pack and just be another outstanding feature that makes it such a great package.

Oh, whew, for a second I thought you were going to want a lot :laughing:

Well, “everything” might be a lofty goal, but you’ll certainly be able to do a lot. Some of the in-client customization will have to come after the initial release, but between scripting and the inherent flexibility with way we do things, hopefully you’ll be able to accomplish the main points from the start.

We also fully expect to be completely overrun with feature requests, but that’s ok…

Thanks for the feedback,

+1 for the beta, even if early stage…
We have 2 sites who are waiting this and I asked them to cancel buying Alert (Micromedia), a WIN911 equivalent.

Is it March yet? :smiley:


any word on a beta?

We’re doing a limited private beta of the platform right now as we finish up SMS and Voice support. Should just be another 2 weeks or so before the public beta is available.


+1 waiting :thumb_right:

+1… :thumb_right:

I’m patiently waiting for the 7.6 beta before I start my next alarm project. Any updates on the release date?

Any updates on 7.6?