Version 7.8.3 not improting tags while improting projects!


I just observed that while I import my demo project from version 7.7.8 (or earlier) in version 7.8.3 , the tags don’t get imported, only the diagram gets imported! Is my observation correct? Do we have to export tags and import them separately?


Yes. Tags other than client tags are not part of any project. They are part of the overall gateway configuration.

Tags are not, and have not ever been, part of projects. They are global and will get backed up and restored with the gateway, but an individual project export and import contains no tags.

Ok got it! Can tags be imported without importing project? Tags first then project later? I guess tags are global across project and are independent of projects? Am I correct? That’s what might have happened earlier, I might have imported tags then I might have imported project later to get the diagrams. So I thought the tags are imported along with projects. But I guess they are independent of each other (except of course the client tags which are part of a project).

Thanks a lot!