Version 7.9.10 (That is my current Version)

My company has been testing Ignition 7.9.10 for some time, we are using Cirrus Link MQTT modules and SQL Express as my database.

I have everything configured and have been running all kinds of test with real data using the (2 hour runtime).

My question is (My setup seems to be working very well and I am getting all that we want). When we make the purchase (and we are) will I have to upgrade to Version 8? It seems according to this forum that version 8 seems to be buggy!

From what I see on this forum, I think I would prefer to stay with version 7.9.10.

Version 7.9 is LTS, meaning it’s supported (with critical bug fixes) for five years from initial release, which means until 2021. 7.9.11 has already been completed and is going through final QA right now - expect it within a few weeks. There will be a 7.9.12 release some time after that, and then 7.9 will be considered mature and not be changed - unless a critical bug is found.

8.0 feature development and bug fixes will continue, and we’re planning to have 8.1 available sometime this year - 8.1 will also be LTS.

There is absolutely no reason you have to upgrade to 8.0 - 7.9 is absolutely valid software (and we’ll still be selling licenses for it for the foreseeable future, don’t worry there). Obviously you won’t get the benefits of the new tag system, or be able to try out the Perspective module, but, as you pointed out, you also won’t be subject to the teething issues of a new major version of Ignition (technically, the first major one, ever, since our initial release).


Thanks for the information, I do feel much better.

We love Ignition!!


I have the same situation. I upgrade my project to v8 and see a lot of thing not working properly and need change many thing in scripting.
Just use 7.9.11 which just released.