Version 8.0 to 8.0.4

I have created a project on V8.0 on my machine. Then I have exported the project and copied it on a different server having installed V8.0.4. On the server there is also Kepware V6 installed but it seems to have no communication.
Finally I have spotted that somehow my components have had their binding changed from the data block. So for instance I have assigned a tag from 1 db in component one and after all that the component has a different tag from another db. any ideas?

Sounds like the gateway you developed the project on has different configuration settings than the one you deployed on?

This is actually fixed itself somehow after I uploaded ignition to V8.0.4 in my machine as well. The final issue I have now is that several components I created on the previous version are now damaged on the upgraded version giving me this error (Unable to deserialize resource conv_curve). Is there a way to somehow restore all those or do I need to remake all of them again?