Version control and future versions of Ignition (8.3?)

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This is sort of asking for an update to this post, and what might be planned for 8.3. Our team is working on better version control solutions, so it would be really helpful to know what sorts of things may help to solve problems going forward.

For example, are there any manual steps to be automated or changes to Ignition 8 Deployment Best Practices | Inductive Automation for the new version? Or any integration with Git planned? Or any changes to the SDK, or Gateway configs, etc. that may help with version control?

Apologies if somewhat vague, but this would really help with planning for the future and smoothly integrating those changes into the way we, and probably quite a few others do version control now.

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One of the highlight features planned for 8.3 is for all gateway config to end up on the filesystem in a human & machine readable file format, similar to 8.0 moving all project configuration to the filesystem.
Exact details on how that will work have yet to be determined. That's by far the biggest change planned with regard to version control.


Support for IaC like Terraform? Would be insane.

Is there a public roadmap or a rough timeline when Ignition will move beyond 8.1.*?

The hints at last year's conference indicated Q4 '24 -ish. Nothing solid of course.


When it's ready :wink:


Are there any updates regarding whether or not the gateway config (specifically Gateway Events) will be in a human readable format for 8.3?

Yeah, the technical keynote this year made clear all of gateway config will be human-readable, and the gateway will have a config API available for it all in "commissioning" mode.


Note that 'Gateway Events', as in 'Gateway Event Scripts', are a regular project resource and already stored on the filesystem. Their actual storage format is also planned to be revamped in 8.3, so that they're broken up into distinct resources in a human-readable format, but that's orthogonal to gateway configuration itself (db connections, device drivers, etc).