Version incompatibility

We have recently upgraded our version of Ignition to 7.2.7. When we deployed the system to our customer (who was still running 7.2.3) we found that they were getting a null pointer exception error for (we think) every table when opening a window. We couldn’t carry out too much testing as we had to fix the problem quickly, which we did by upgrading the customer to 7.2.7.

I wasn’t aware of anything that should stop this working - is there an incompatibility between these versions that would cause this error?

Are you saying you developed a project in 7.2.7, and then deployed it to a 7.2.3 gateway by importing the project (or gateway backup)?

If so, I’m pretty sure Ignition isn’t designed to do that. I don’t think any version of Ignition is forwards-compatible (i.e. 7.2.3 doesn’t work with projects created in 7.2.4+, or at least will likely have problems).