Vertical fill on Perspective Progress Bar Possible?

In perspective, is it possible to use vertical fill on the progress bar without having to rotate the object?

No, rotating the component the 270 degrees would be your best bet.

But you can make a feature request to see if that particular feature can be added in the future. You can submit your request here - Ignition Features and Ideas | Inductive Automation

What’s the problem with progress bar rotation? It seems to be the sensible way to do it.

It may be possible to do what you want with CSS injection. The standard progress bar actually has a full-width bar that is moved left with CSS transform: translateX(25%) to give a 75% display. I don’t seem to be able to add in a translateY() instruction.

The main challenge is that it can't be rotated in a flex view, so it is difficult to get the progress bar to scale well on different size screens. Also, the positional properties (e.g. x, y, width, height) are in reference to when the rotation angle is 0deg, so they look really weird when the progress bar is rotated.


It looks like the progress is way off the screen with the x coordinate, and when in reality, the progress bar just sits vertically on the left side of the screen.