Vertical Scroll Bar for Container?

I currently am using Container for making Ignition GUI. It is used to contain long lists of signal.


As the number of signal gets higher, the Container cannot show all of them anymore. Is there any way to have something like Vertical Scroll Bar in Ignition?

Use the template repeater or the template canvas. These can display runtime lists or layouts of templates and can have scroll bars.

Ah yes, I almost use that. But the thing is, the list contains something else than rather just one time item (not just signal).

If you notice, There is a Close label in the top left of the Container used to close the Container when the user clicks on it. So, the Container contains more than just one template.

I am wondering if there is any solution like Java’s JFrame or WinForm’s/WPF’s StackPanel in Ignition. If there isn’t any, I would also like to know if there is any workaround.


I just notice that there is a new component in Ignition 7.8 Template Canvas

Seems like it is especially designed to solve this issue, isn’t it? Will try to figure out the component for a while!

Heh. It’s not new, and I suggested it precisely because you weren’t clear on what templates needed to be in the list.

Also you could put the label outside of the template repeater and only show it if the repeater is being shown.

@pturmel: ah yes, I forgot to mention that a Label is in the list (besides the signals). Thanks for the clarification.

@JGJohnson: In the end, I choose to pick that solution. Not exactly what I want since, without work around, it will create boundary between the Close label and the Template Repeater. But that’s fine. What I originally make is a Label with a boundary having Text, “Show” and then as you click on it, the Label is hidden and is replaced with the Container with Label “Close” in the top most - creating the effect of “expanding” rather than “opening”. When I separate the Close Label from the Template Repeater, I would need to create a customized boundary to preserve the “expanding” effect. But yeah, in the end I choose the easier solution.

Thanks all!