Vertical Table in Perspective

Is it possible to have a vertical table with heading in a column?

It would only be 2 columns: Header and data.

Or any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Not quite really with the normam table unless heavily breaking css xD
Your best bet is flexrepeaters
and maybe some css grid styles?

Is there a reason you can’t use the Table component and only define one column?

you can form grid structures with

  "display": "grid",
  "grid-template-columns": "20px 50px"

you should look up the css for more options if needed xd
like grid-template-columns: "repeat(2, auto)" is probably also usefull

True you could also just use the table component, disable header and construct two columns like header/data xd
Probably easier to get the default look that way xD

I actually misunderstood the question. to have a header on the side, you would need to construct your own container/view.

root (flex container in row mode)
L_ Label
L_ Flex Repeater (where each "row" is a new instance)

If you’re willing to do some custom theming, I believe @thewebpleb has created an exchange resource with some CSS that accomplishes this. Granted, his version only displays the table’s columns inside each cell when the view is shrunk past a certain breakpoint (e.g. mobile). It probably wouldn’t be hard to define a custom table style class based on his css that would always format the table data in this manner though. Check out the following video at about the 11 minute mark: