Very Concerned

The ActiveX module has offically been dropped and will no longer be included with new Ignition installations. For systems that have the ActiveX module already installed, the module will remain active in the Gateway when upgrading to 7.5.4 and later.

I use these in my projects. In particular the ie browser ActiveX. Please tell me you are going to offer a browser type component like jbrowse or something. Anything… You will be removing a feature that I need to use. I understand there
will be legacy style support so at least they wont totally break. This move on your part only increases the need to offer
a similar functional component. Really. This is a customer concern. I hope I am not the only one concerned. In general
if your are going to remove a component please offer a suitable replacement. PLEASE. I am certain you guys weighed the pros and cons but please think about the customers that rely on your tools. I beg you. Offer a replacement when you remove a piece of functionality. Please at least provide a browser component. dependency issue or not. You guys ARE awesome. I know you all can find a solution. please dont let us down like this. Not only am I a paying customer but a loyal fan. I have come to look up to IA as innovation leaders in this field. Its time to show it going forward, not regress. The best I can hope for is that you realize the sincerity in my post. I am by no means angry just disappointed and concerned.

I completely understand your concern. We will continue to support the ActiveX module until we have the new browser component is available. We are working on a 100% Java browser component that will be much better than the ActiveX component. ActiveX is just very clunky and we want to move away from it.

Also, one of the benefits of our modular architecture is that we can continue to make modules available through other means, while not necessarily including them in the installer. The ActiveX module is a great candidate for this- it has always proven difficult and misleading/disappointing for the general Ignition audience, though many users, such as yourself, have used it successfully. It really just needs to be considered an “advanced” module with limited applicability.

The process for getting/managing modules is going to get a big upgrade soon, so keeping track of these types of modules should get easier as well.

Thanks for the feedback,

Would we be able to install the current ActiveX module onto future releases? Even in an unsupported capacity, it can still be useful.

Yes, we will still have something. We are just officially not supporting the ActiveX module.